Optimize your strengths




The biggest potential of each of us does not lie in our capacity to overcome failures but rather, once these are mastered, in the faculty to operate our strengths.

Supported by the fundamentals of the positive psychology, this approach of the performance feeds job satisfaction and commitment, facilitates the alignment of personal energy with the job, helps to manage emotions and improves the concentration.

This program aims at understanding and developing your own strengths of character to make a better use of them in the professional life.



The optimists, and in particular those who:

– Need some help to formalize their qualities

– Do not know how to capitalize on their strengths

– Try to anchor durably their own success or the one of the others

– Wish to boost their motivation and their professional satisfaction

There is no prerequisite because each of us holds qualities and useful assets in the professional environment. This session allows to find keys to release this potential and develop it.



Module 1: Introduction

Definition of a strength

PRACTICE: Explore your strengths

Module 2: Strengths assessment

3 concepts of reference

Why assessing? Which tools?

PRACTICE: Card game (Who am I?)

Module 3: The value of strengths

Is it useful?

Impact on your daily job

PRACTICE: Define your personal objective

Module 4: Develop your strengths at work

What to look for when we recruit

How to build your team

How to manage the talents

PRACTICE: Team Strengths Gym

Conclusion and action plan.



All the exercises realized during the session.

The course material including advice, tools and check lists.

An action plan to operate your strengths identified during the session.

Where necessary, an action plan for the application of the strengths identified for your team.

A remote coaching during 3 months following the session.