Build a winning team




When choosing a candidate to fill a position, we would so much love to be sure that she/he will fit perfectly, be motivated every morning, understand at once the whole company culture, stakes of the job, customers’ specificities and match nicely with her/his colleagues. Is this a dream?

If it is indisputable that we need to feel comfortable with our future collaborator, it is not enough to trust only our instinct to identify among several candidates the one who will be the best piece to complete the jigsaw.

Many leaders and managers think that recruitment is easy, even innate. My experience as a professional recruiter taught me all the opposite.

This program has for objective to structure the approach of the recruitment, the identification of the need in the integration of the person in its new role to significantly improve the chances of success.

Tools proposed in this session apply as much to the external selection as to the internal for the promotion(class) of successful collaborators.



The managers involved in a recruitment process and in particular, those who:

– Wish to increase the chances of success of their selection

– Are anxious to ensure a fair and professional approach of the candidacies

– Understand that a recruitment led in a professional way contributes to the reputation of the company and of the brand

– Want to combine their intuition with simple tools to improve the objectivity of their choices

– Look for establishing, from the first contact with the future collaborator, the bases of a healthy and fruitful collaboration.

No prerequisite nor preliminary experience in recruitment, as these techniques can be useful for any level of management.



Module 1: Recruiting in 2017

Definition of the process of selection and its stakes

Activate usefully your direct network and LinkedIn

PRACTICE: Check lists, diagnosis and action plan for upgrade

Module 2: define your need

Job description and profile: the main things before beginning

PRACTICE: use of forms and exercise on real case

Module 3: make the right choice

Know how to read a CV to invite the relevant profiles for an interview

Ask the right questions during the interview

PRACTICE: exercises on real and practical case of the questioning part

Module 4: organize a strong start

First day and onboarding agenda

PRACTICE: Check lists to personalize

Conclusion and action plan



All the exercises realized during the session.

Course material, tools and check lists.

An action plan on the upgrade or the creation of the recruitment process adapted to every participant.

A remote coaching during 3 months following the session.