Boost your efficiency by scribbling




During many seminars and meetings of all levels, I often noticed that I remembered much better the main ideas by illustrating them in the margin and by adding some basic colors, as I did in my student’s books. Drawing doodles for chapters, locations or action to take became eye catching tips to organize my note books and my agenda.

To analyze and to structure the daily stream of information is a challenge for every professional of today. In a full digital era, numerous studies showed that handwriting remains one of the best way to gather your ideas during the preparation of important presentations as well as during the synthesis and the conclusions of discussions and meetings.


This program aims at facilitating your concentration, focusing your attention on the priorities and boosting your motivation in situations of writings, note taking or information collection.



The curious people, and in particular, those who:

– Wrote index cards and highlighted in bright colors their school books

– Like to write on paper before their digital presentations

– Struggle to pay attention to the presentations or the meetings which they attend

– Wish to summarize long speeches in some key ideas

– Want a small bubble of oxygen in their professional everyday life

No prerequisite because techniques are basic, the material already on your desks and all artistic or non-artistic styles are allowed.



Module 1 : Introduction

Definition of scribbling: more than a child’s play !

Boost note taking and summarizing by writing differently

PRACTICE: list all your opportunities of handwriting

Module 2 : Where do I scribble ?

Any place is welcome

Dedicated space or at random ?

PRACTICE : you select your preferred scribbling places

Module 3 : How to scribble ?

Colors and tools: everything at hand

In a few seconds, anything is possible

PRACTICE : Discover your illustration skills on given themes

Module 4 : What to scribble ?

Illustrate to better memorize

Draw to step back and breathe

PRACTICE : Real time exercise

Conclusion and action plan



All the exercises realized during the session.

The course material, examples, advice, techniques and inspiration sources.

Goodies for a joyful scribbling

An action plan to practice 2 techniques on 2 types of content.

Follow-up coaching on demand during a 3 month period after the class.