My commitment

With an experience of more than 15 years in international HR development, I have had the chance to observe, analyze, build and facilitate training programs and career development tracks for different functions in several industries.

My passion is to equip managers and individual contributors with efficient tools for them to enjoy giving the best of themselves every day and at the service of the company performance.
I believe in a modern approach of the work environment closely connected to the 21st century. It means that it must be agile, adaptive and digital. Information should be short, quick and shared. Leaders must be collaborative, visionary and inspire their team by giving sense to the company goals.

I propose simple and efficient tools to sustain that positive vision, during training sessions that are:
Pragmatic: theory must be illustrated by real life examples that can be duplicated in useful daily behaviors
Dynamic: learning techniques are varied to address the different learning styles of participants and sustain interest and concentration
Impactful: trigger new behaviors or new methodology when participant is back to work thanks to the individual action plans at the end of each session
Addictive: good spirit and enthusiasm are contagious, participants forget the time passing by and appreciate the session as a break.

Why not discussing your needs and expectations if you contact me?