flagfr flagenWelcome to this website dedicated to the positive approach of your daily work environment!

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As an entrepreneur, a team manager or head of a business, you need positive management: it sheds a new light on your daily professional routine, boosts your energy and reveals new development opportunities.

Why POSITIVE agency?

Well, my approach is based on the trust in human nature to do well, interact with other humans and feel very good about doing a great job! I wish to share and encourage others to practice this mindset and this is definitely positive.

Why the positive AGENCY?

Because to me an agent is in ACTION: there is a mission, risks, fights for the best and the winner is the good guy/girl (something like James Bond). I’m ready for that, fighting for a better world in your work environment!

Why a logo with a French BULLDOG?

This dog is no ordinary dog: you might find him ugly at first sight but when you get to know him, you realize he’s adorable, bright and an endless player (personal experience when I was younger). Isn’t it a little bit the same with our colleagues? Shouldn’t we get past the first impression?

And why a logo with a bulldog wearing a BOW TIE?!?

Well, that is a spark of colors, the little touch of humor because I’m a very serious, structured and result oriented person with…a little touch of humor and I wanted my logo to display who I am.

Here we are: I’m the agent ready to reveal smile at work to feel totally in control of all your competencies, results and performance; yours and the ones of your team!

Enjoy the reading and for any question, do not hesitate to use the contact form.

Looking forward to meeting you in person!