Motivate your team




You are a manager wishing to build a solid, pleasant and productive relation with your team so it impacts your results. My experience in training several hundred managers and individual contributors allows me to select the simple and effective tools which will allow you to finetune your managerial skills to impact sales.

Too many trainings in management just stick theoretical concepts on a highly complex reality. It is not a question of taking hours a week ” to manage people ” but to adopt the good behavior during the daily interactions and positioning yourself at the just distance between the friend and commander-in-chief!

The objective of this training is to understand all the daily managerial tasks, their stakes and the right choices to be made, should you be responsible for a single person or for a large team.



Every person overseeing at least another person, and in particular those who:

– Have never taken a management course in their life

– Have taken a theoretical management course- here, we’ll speak daily routine

– Think that managing people takes time

– Wish to boost the efficiency of their collaborator (s)

– Appreciate a relaxed, constructive team that is set for success

There is no prerequisite because each of us has his own communication style but will learn simple and effective tools to better play his manager’s role.



Module 1: Introduction

Why managing in a positive way ?

PRACTICE: The check list of the best leader

Module 2 : Start the collaboration on the right foot

Recruit as a pro without RH

Welcome the new recruit for real

PRACTICE : Case study « Stay Rosalia »

Module 3 : Motivate for the best (and not the worst)

Structure your communication

Delegate effectively and without frustration

PRACTICE : Exercises with a very realistic team

Module 4 : Prepare the future

Develop talents : everybody can do it

Grow competencies without spending millions

PRACTICE : Case study « Stay Alfonso! »

Conclusion and action plan.




All the exercises realized during the session.

The course material including advice, tools and check lists.

An action plan to improve specific managerial behavior(s) as of the next day with the team.

A remote coaching during 3 months following the session.