Manage your motivation



As an entrepreneur who starts alone or a team leader, you strive for success but questioning kicks in at nearly every stage of the project and sometimes even with a desire to give up.

Many studies have demonstrated that a motivated contributor delivers much more efficiently than others.

I’ve gathered simple tools to identify your needs and developed easy to use communication techniques to create a solid, motivating and effective work environment to boost your performance and get daily satisfaction.

This approach allows concretely to optimize your energy and feel the mastering of your professional path. Don’t wait any longer for the others to motivate you but go and get what you need to fuel your long-lasting performance.



Every professional, even without team, and in particular, those who:

– Want to pilot and boost their motivation on a daily basis

– Try to anchor durably their own success and that of the others

– Wish to obtain keys to manage their frustration, their stress and prevent regrets

– Would want to share these tools to support the motivation of others

No prerequisite, except a small dose of humility to recognize that we sometimes need help.



Module 1 : Introduction

Definition of motivation and performance levers

PRACTICE : Self diagnostic

Module 2 : The components of performance

Ingredients of the success you are proud of

How to identify them

PRACTICE: case study ” Become a trainer!” Part 1

Module 3 : Performance boosters

To each ingredient corresponds a need

Who can meet them?

PRACTICE : case study ” Become a trainer!” Part 2

Module 4 : Action ! Get what you need

A different technique for each need

PRACTICE: Play each technique in duos

Conclusion and action plan



All the exercises realized during the session.

Course material with notes, advice, tools and check lists.

An action plan to address the personal needs identified during the session.

A remote coaching during 3 months following the session.